AI Studio use example for OpenAI chat

Here I summerize an examplary procedure to perform a ChatGPT (3.5) on Azure resource.

  • Login to AZURE and go to AI Studo:
  • If you have not create a azure ai hub before, you need to create a hub here first.​
  • Create a “new project” with project name and hub that you created before​

  • Select the new project that is just created​.
  • On the left menu column, select “deployment”.​
  • “create deployment” on the main body. Select a model “gpt-35-turbo-16k” for chat-gpt. If this is the first time, a popup shows up to ask to register for Azure open-ai request form. The approval procedure takes few days.​

  • If you got the open-ai use apporval, you will see a model operation window opens. Select the model and click "open in playground"​ in the main body.
  • On the text box in the main menu start a question/chat. The response comes in the top of the main window.​