How do I add Users to my #GCP account?

My GCP Project is ready to use. How do I give my research team members access?

Hi Rob;

We take it that you are asking as the Principal Investigator (PI) on an NSF-sponsored project. Our full reply is a bit long but it has some very key “Cloudbank framework” ideas so bear with us.

Short answer

First create a Cloudbank Portal user account for a person that you want to add. Then use the portal path from Dashboard > Manage Your Funds to select the GCP Project and add this person to the access list.

Longer Answer

Cloudbank GCP Projects are really “billing entities” tied to NSF grants. This is a little different than a non-managed situation where the research team lead (for example yourself as a PI) would be the Project billing manager. The idea in Cloudbank is to manage the Project for you; so you don’t have to deal with billing administrative tasks. You as the PI are simply a User with full administrator privileges. This means you can do just about anything on your account.

We request that you add team members using the Cloudbank portal rather than adding them through the GCP console. Login to the cloudbank console and select Dashboard > Manage Your Funds. Click on the appropriate listed Fund. This should show the billing account associated with the GCP Project where you want to add Users. (Equivalent terminology: AWS: Account; Azure: Subscription, Google Cloud: Project)

This brings you to a People / Access page where you can add users. Click on the “Add a new person to this Billing Account” link. In order to select someone to add they must also have a Cloudbank account. There is a link to do that as well. Once they have a Cloudbank account you can add them to the GCP Project through this procedure; and they should be able to get to work on the Google cloud.