I need a GPU-ready virtual machine on AWS

Hi There Community!
I need a GPU-ready AMI and I’m on the AWS cloud. Is there a pre-baked AMI (Amazon Machine Image) that is up and ready to go? And maybe some documentation on this in case I need a little background? I’m trying to get to the fun part of doing some Machine Learning without having to sweat bullets over installing GPU drivers and stuff like that.
Thanks for any insight!

Hi Rob;
First thanks for writing in to our Community; this is a great topic.

If you want to quickly spin up an ordinary no frills Virtual Machine on AWS that is pre-configured to work with a GPU: We suggest that the machine image / user guide you want is at this link.

Further unpacking of jargon: The acronym they use is DLAMI is Deep Learning AMI; and AMI in turn is for Amazon Machine Image which is a snapshot of the VM that can be used to configure a new EC2 instance (AWS VM). Sorry about the alphabet soup but the good news is: Ready to go!

best -Rob