Move subscriptions

I have built some cloud infrastructure on Azure; but recently I had to move from that Azure subscription to a new one. How do I move all of my “stuff” to the new subscription?

Migrating content from one Azure subscription to another is striaghtforward, but it may require a little learning and a bit of perseverance. A full-scope procedural is provided at this Microsoft Azure documentation link.

In brief, the portal version of the procedure looks like this: You first set up the new / destination subscription. Then you sign in to the original / source subscription as Owner. You navigate to the resource or subscription you want to move, click the “Move” button, and follow the prompts. Azure checks to make sure you have all the necessary permissions to do the move. It then simply reassigns resource identifiers to shift them to the destination subscription.

Now: What if something goes wrong and this procedure is not working? The first course of action is to open a service request with Azure Support to provide guidance. If time is critical (you need to get this done yesterday) you can upgrade your support plan to Standard for $100 per month. (You can cancel this support after one month; or after the issue is resolved.) If you are working on Azure through CloudBank we also suggesting sending an email to with a short description. This creates a CloudBank support ticket so that we can help make sure the issue is resolved.