Using commercial software in the cloud

My research group uses software X from company X but our small collection of computers is running out of gas as we generate tons of new data. How do we go to the cloud?

Answer: Jump on the phone with a rep from company X and ask if they support cloud migration. If so: Which cloud(s)? Do they have a step-by-step guide for this? Do they provide some hand-holding or other support? (It is in their interest to do so!)

IF: The answer is NO: Then while you have the rep from company X on the phone make sure you can at least install that software X on a cloud virtual machine. Assuming this is ok: Get ready for some learning, starting probably with how to set up and use Remote Desktop.

ELSE IF: The answer is YES (Company X does support using the cloud): Great, it’s time to do a test deployment so you can tick the two main checkboxes: Can you use the cloud to supercharge your computing horsepower as you hoped? (i.e. does a test install of the software work properly on a typical processing task?) And second: What is this going to cost?