How do I get past 'GPU not available on #Azure?'

I can create a virtual machine using my subscription… but a VM instance with a powerful NC series GPU gives me an error of NotAvailableForSubscription. What do I do??

Transcribed from remarks by Azure Solutions Architect Esaias Bell (thanks!):

The current process to request access to GPUs is:

  • Determine the VM Family size you are looking for, and calculate the total CPU quantity needed (for example, a Standard_NC6s_v3 has 1 GPU but 6 CPU, so you would request 6 CPU)

  • From the subscription, start the CPU Quota increase request process (see link below)

  • Work with support on the request; and if your request is denied then work with CloudBank and/or Azure people to get it approved.

Please keep in mind that due to constraints, the number of GPUs and the region you select may need to be adjusted depending on the demand in the region. In some instances, choosing a different region, VM Family, and/or different quantity of GPUs may yield a different result.

GPU optimized virtual machine sizes

Request a CPU Quota increase

NOTE!! Owing to an existing component shortage combined with pandemic impact on supply chains, there is a shortage of GPUs. This may be reflected in your cloud account as a lack of permission to use certain GPU or instance types. There are currently two approaches to this “road block”. First: Use the built-in quota management tools for that cloud to request access. Second: Look for alternative GPU types that may be less state-of-the-art but can still help you get the job done.