What is quantum computing on the cloud?

…and how does it connect to CloudBank, if at all?..

Currently (2022) the big cloud providers are developing quantum computers. They provide access via some sort of queuing system. Also since this is all new: There is this important idea of using a simulator first to help ensure the code is working. So the basic game plan for a researcher would be:

  • Get a CloudBank account (optional; or just get a cloud account) that includes quantum access
  • Explore the development environment provided on that cloud: Build some sort of basic test code
  • Send your test to a quantum computing Simulator; verify it is doing what you expect
  • Once that works: Send a job to an actual quantum computing system
  • Get the results back and evaluate

Before diving in it is a good idea to find out what the cost structure is like. Providers tend to have some trial-basis credits available to help you get started worry-free.