Azure ML Hyperdrive Warm Start

I’ve attempted to do a warm start on an Azure ML Hyperdrive run, following the Azure ML Hyperdrive tutorial.

I am given the following error after 15 minutes:
Hyperdrive is unable to further process the experiment due to some internal error. Experiment has been marked as failed. Reason: MaxDeliveryCountExceeded, ErrorDescription: Message could not be consumed after 5 delivery attempts.

This is the only feedback in the hyperdrive.txt log, and it is the only log with anything in it. It always happens 15 minutes after execution. Does anyone have any insight into what this error could mean and how to begin resolving it?

Hello; if this is still an issue could you open it on so we can contact Azure folks for help? thanks! -Rob

I’ve had some feedback from Azure, I haven’t tested their theory yet. I will update this post once I do. Thanks!